Demolition and Moving Outside

the view from my bedroom
I returned home from Oaxaca to find that my enclosed balcony was now an open balcony. Construction that was supposed to occur 2 years in the future was imminent. In living the "strata life"
one relinquishes a lot of control. In our case, communication is extremely poor between property management and owners. I would have planned a holiday for Monsieur, Tilde and I had I known the period of demolition. In the non-strata world, reconstruction would start next week. In a complex of 411 units, who knows?

Tilde has lost her bedroom so she's moved into mine.

I've resolved to use our recreational Core library room as my reading spot during construction days.
The outdoor pool and deck open next week so I have the sun lounge option. I've been spending more time in the gardens as we've had no rain in weeks. Yesterday, I worked for more than two hours cleaning out gardens. How I despise those who drop litter from their cars out into the flower beds! A curse on the whose cigarette butts I encounter! Last week, I chastised a young man for taking his dog to the flower beds to urinate. We have acres of grass behind the buildings where apartment dogs can relieve themselves without being a nuisance to gardeners. Worst offender of the week is the person who left their microwave oven beside the construction waste container! Living outside more means that I notice these infractions.

purple/pink in the parking lot
I am a colour person and I enjoy creating different schemes in different garden areas.

I love lavender.

Wisteria is in bloom.

It's Mother's Day! Daughter and I are off to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see From Monet to Matisse and Canadian Artists in France. I don't go downtown often so it's a treat to window shop and enjoy a lunch in a different restaurant. I lunch with a lot of friends but the choices near to home are limited.

Mary Cassatt, who painted a lot of mothers and children, is a favourite French artist.

It's a beautiful day here! The flowers are in bloom. Enjoy Mother's Day!


  1. That allium looks fabulous! We grow them in our Humble Bungalow Garden too...I frequently pick some and dry then before bringing them inside. They are very sculptural and look great in a tall vase.

    Your Mother's Day activities sound really lovely.

    1. I really like the allium. I'm trying to make the parking lots as colourful as possible so they were a good choice. I'm going to cut them soon to bring inside. We really enjoyed Bistro Verde at Nordstrom. I don't buy but I look.


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