The Merry (so far) Month of May

There is so much beauty in our gardens this May.

The last few weeks have been very busy with visits to French Immersion classrooms. I'm really enjoying the work and my time with the children. I've renewed my license for another year and  am hoping to increase my  availability to teach. I will continue to  reserve my book club day and a day for friends and appointments. I am free to book off during the year for travel. There is a shortage of French-speaking substitute teachers so work is plentiful.

The children are really appreciative.

When I started to work in October, I did so with uncertainty and a certain amount of fear. It's more than 30 years since I substituted. I have been surprised  (in a positive way) at the behaviour of the classes that I have met. We have been working on social responsibility for a long time and one of the new curriculum core competencies is "personal awareness and responsibility". I believe that when children are taught skills and given a vocabulary to identify their behaviours, the results, although varied, can be quite amazing.

The small pink flowers have appeared on the oxalis.

We have had sunny days for the last two weeks. The gardens in our complex are glorious. So many rhododendrons, azaleas and lilacs in bloom. In the shady areas, muguets, ferns, hosts, and oxalis are brilliant green. Yesterday, I actually watered the parking lot flower beds! We have fewer volunteer gardeners this year. I attended a "Green Thumb" meeting but there were few ideas for creating a new gardening culture in the complex. I'm thinking that a children's garden, a pollinator garden and a salsa garden might be welcome additions.

I just started to read The Gown by Jennifer Robson.
I have just finished reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch for my evening book club. I really did not enjoy the book. The theme of the "life not chosen" takes the protagonist through multiverses to experience some of the "what if's?" Theme has possibilities but I did not enjoy the chases and the violence. Yesterday, I started reading The Gown by Jennifer Robson.  The principal characters are the women who embroidered Queen Elizabeth's wedding gown. As a young girl, my mother collected a pretty tea-set called Royal Bridal Gown. The tea-set is more than 70 years old now but I use it infrequently. Perhaps a cup of lemon tea in the afternoon would be nice.

Biblioteca Colonia Zapoteca
Good news! My Libros Para Pueblos library in Oaxaca is being inaugurated in June. I sent my money for the start-up book collection last week. It's been a while happening but that's Mexico!

It's almost 5 weeks since I returned from Oaxaca. I'm already looking to make my next year booking. As I get older, I become more greedy for travel. 

May is setting out to be a good month for gardens, children and books!