Fun with Friends

long-time teaching friends

Yesterday, I visited the Tsawassen and South Delta Garden Club's tour of residential gardens with two of my friends from long ago teaching days. I was very fortunate to have taught 11 years in an elementary school where all the staff were collegial. Although the school closed 16 years ago, we remain walking buddies, travel buddies, coffee buddies and book buddies.  We were lucky to get the last tickets as the self-guided tour sold out.

Some gardens were lavish.
 It was interesting to visit 10 gardens that represented different styles and different financial investments. The first garden that we visited had gorgeous displays of annual plants supported by a backdrop of perennial trees and bushes. We were surrounded by colour!

This gardener used ground covers and grasses to deal with a drainage problem.

My home gardening is a constant challenge! New scaffolding has been erected in the front of our building now. A truck ran over the curb and my flower bed. Car doors bang plants and people drop cigarette butts. Realistically, I'm looking for plants that will withstand "hardship gardening". This garden offers some great ideas. The small flowers are blue and ground covers are low maintenance. I've been looking for thrift store items  to add interest. I probably would not put a glass ball in a parking lot garden.

West Coast seeds development farm

A really interesting stop on our tour was West Coast Seeds development centre. If you are in Delta, British Columbia, the centre is always available for a visit. I was interested in the seeds that will attract pollinators. We saw the seed vault and the packaging machine. This would be a great visit for school children.

food plants

I grew up on a rural lot where we grew vegetables, tree fruits and berries. I like the idea of growing edibles. One cottage home right on the beach had a lovely food garden with a few flowers. These red currants looked delicious.

This summer I shall be a garden.

After spending the day on our tour, I have reconciled myself to minimal gardening this summer. Without a balcony, with more scaffolding and with workers carrying old siding back and forth to the refuse bin, my efforts will probably be frustrated. Instead,  I have chosen pink, blue and green as my summer colours. These colours definitely lift the spirits.

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Marcus Tullius Cicero 


  1. LOVE that quote by Cicero. So very, very true. I am not gardening this year either because we are in a flux situation. Our home sold-and we are in a rental until we figure out where we are going to go. Have a great day- xo Diana

    1. Sometimes you just need patience to manage transition.

  2. I love going into other peoples gardens and a tour is my idea of fun , sharing it with ong time friends make it a perfect outing.
    Your hair is looking so pretty grey hair has become a lot straighter these past few months which is a surprise after having wavy hair all my life. Maybe its because I have let it grow a bit too long?
    Your onsite garden sounds like it might be in need of a facelift once the consrtuction crews have finished their work...maybe you can find some free plants and pot them up while you wait for the chaos to be over.

    1. We had so much fun visiting such different gardens. I've been using that Don't Blow It by Bumble and Bumble when I wash and Love Curl revitalizer by Davine on other days and my hair stays curly. You right about the construction. It's a no-win situation right now but we will lose the great established rhodos and hydrangeas without water.
      I fear that the ones next to the buildings may not survive. We really need rain.


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