On the Road

We enjoy the fantastic scenery

Every June, Monsieur and I take a road trip to Central Washington State. We have been visiting the Methow Valley since 1991 when we travelled with Monsieur's mother in a motorhome. She had broken her leg and needed some distraction. It's odd that Monsieur is now older than she was on that trip. He has enjoyed climbing many of the mountains in the Cascades Range but now our entertainments are less challenging.

The costume parade is lots of fun! Right Tilde?

We take Tilde, our little dachshund to Dachshunds on Parade at Ellensburg, Washington.
Monsieur enjoys car trips and is devoted to Tilde. He practises soccer with her regularly
and encourages her to play every day. Tilde won two more trophies for her physical skills.
I, on the other hand, enjoy dress-up. My darling daughter was the beneficiary of my fascination with
frippery as a young child but now Tilde enjoys??? my attentions.

We like to visit the Freestone Inn for a couple of nights.

When we leave Ellensburg, we travel to the Freestone Inn where we rent a cabin near the lodge. The cabins have kitchens and allow pets. There is a pool, hot tub, mountain bikes and catch and release fishing at Freestone. I woke early and sat at the lake to enjoy the sun and solitude.

Bright and early.
I took the June New Yorker magazine to read. The theme for the June 10-17 edition is Border Crossings. Throughout the drive from Ellensburg to Freestone, we passed orchards displaying signs 
"Necesitamos trabajadores." Migrant workers are needed to pick the cherry crop. The dining room at the lodge is closed 4 nights of the week due to a shortage of workers. On the desk in the lobby is a copy of The Methow Valley News. The headline is "Six Guatemalans Were Taken into Custody by Immigration". The men had been picking and selling wild morel mushrooms.

some very thought-provoking articles

If you have this copy of The New Yorker, read The Wild West Meets The Southern Border by Valeria
Luiselli. Luiselli visits Tombstone, Arizona where the vigilante spirit lives on. "All migrants are burros (drug smugglers) or coyotes (people smugglers)." Monsieur and I frequently spend time in Arizona and I can not imagine the conditions that these people endure to reach "the beautiful North".

orchard salad

Road trips are challenging to the diet. Fortunately, there is some excellent food in the state of Washington. I enjoyed Columbia River steelhead trout and on orchard salad while I was away.
At the cabin, I bought an assortment of healthy (for me) and unhealthy (for Monsieur) snacks.

Now we're home with our workmen outside the window and the promise of an early morning call to work on the last few days of school. Getaways are great!

I've read all of Urrea's books.

If you are interested in border stories and migrant life, you should read any of Luis Albert Urrea's works.


  1. You and Tilde are so cute in your fetching costumes! We once had a darling dachshund for 15 years who loved to play soccer and was very good at it, our sweet Penelope. But BreeBree and James Mason have no interest at all in it. I will tell them about Tilde and try to shame them into playing.

    This sounds like a beautiful area, one I always wished I could visit. I think it must have been a very healthy trip for you in so many ways but that orchard salad looks especially delicious.

    1. Those dachshunds are such funny little dogs. A town full of them is something to behold. Tilde just loves the soccer ball. I don't know why but she does. There are so many lovely places to visit in the United States and Canada.


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