Planning for the Summer

les coquelicots

School days are done! Canada Day is approaching with the parade and Salmon Festival. I'll be walking down with a friend because the roads in the village are closed until evening. We walk from my apartment at least once a week. We usually have lunch, explore the shops and take the bus home.
 As part of my environmental resolutions, I have not driven for more than a year. I have never enjoyed driving and it is no longer necessary for me. I have a senior bus pass and a lot of time available.

I signed up for 3 sessions.

We have a new Seniors' Centre in Richmond. It's now called the Minoru Centre for Active Living. Monsieur has been taking ukulele for a few months. I have registered for a presentation by the actors of the Bard on the Beach, a nature journal class and a strength and mobility exercise class. I've had no knee problems since my Oaxaca trip but as I grow older, I would like to develop strategies to avoid falls.

In the middle of July, a friend and I will travel to Chemainus on Vancouver Island to go to the summer musical at the community theatre. Chemainus was a logging and mill town that has reinvented itself as a tourist destination with a beautiful theatre and historical murals on the walls of the buildings. As we are seniors, our midweek trip will cost us a little less money. We're taking my friend's car but the trip can actually be done as foot passengers on the ferry. The taxi ride from Nanaimo is less than the carfare on the ferry.

My sister-in-law has a house on Shuswap lake. Last year, Monsieur and I took Tilde on a driving tour of the Shuswap and the Kootenays.  We will probably take another trip this year. We visit family and friends and tour the southeastern part of the province. 

I am reading this book by Yasuko Thanh from Victoria.

There is Music at the Cannery every Friday, Bard on the Beach trip with the book club, a family
get-together, and the community pool party/barbecues on the long week-ends. I'll take my book to the pool some afternoons. As I type this, I feel the summer's passing. What are your summer plans? Are you travelling or enjoying a staycation?

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer."
—F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


  1. A salmon festival? Write more about that, please! My favorite food and always for the 4th here in the U.S. we plan on Copper River salmon being available. The senior center sounds wonderful, making me wonder if the senior center in the small town where we live offers as interesting subjects as yours does. Somehow I doubt it. Oh, how I wish I could visit your Vancouver Island! Pictures from there, please!

    1. Steveston, where I live, used to have more than 20 fish canneries. The fishing lasted from the 1880's to the 1990's. My daughter and other young people worked summers in the canneries. Unfortunately, climate change and overfishing has reduced the fishing fleet. Our community is developing more activities for an ageing population as we have the highest life expectancy in Canada.

  2. Sounds like a full summer to me. I appreciate that you kids take advantage of the courses at the active living center...and I appreciate the name of the center. Hoping to do the same here in the fall. Have too many comments and out of town jaunts to be able to take class now. Yay for not driving in a year! There are many weeks when I hardly drive much at all. But nothing is close enough for me to walk to easily. Could never get groceries home on foot. But I applaud you!!

    1. There are so many course offerings that are reasonably priced at the centre. I'm making an effort to sample some. As for driving, I live across the street from a shopping plaza. I order my big stuff online and my husband picks it up but free delivery is possible. People are being encouraged to drive less here and for me it's not a hardship.


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