Busy Days and Tired Computer

I enjoyed the exhibition of puppets from around the world at the Museum of Anthropology.

One of my goals for the summer was to become more involved with the arts. I really enjoy cultural events and retirement is the perfect time to take advantage of extra time and seniors' discounts. I am a member of our local botanical garden so I enjoy a 20% discount off the senior rate at the Museum of Anthropology.
Today, my friend and I visited an exhibition of puppets from around the world. It was so colourful and there were examples of several different kinds of puppets.

Logging and coal-mining are part of the Vancouver Island heritage.

Last week, another friend and I travelled to Vancouver Island to attend the theatre at Chemainus. We stay in a bed and breakfast in Ladysmith, once a coal-mining centre. Ladysmith is such a pretty town with heritage markers, coffee shops and charming restaurants. The population is small and largely retired. Seniors ride cheaply on British Columbia ferries mid-week so our trip was inexpensive. My grandfather spent some time in the area when he came from Scotland and I had good friends who lived in nearby Cedar so I feel an affinity for this region of Vancouver Island.

The murals in Chemainus depict the history of the region.

Tomorrow evening, I'm going to a session on keeping a nature journal. I've sketched for some time but I am hyper-critical of my efforts. I need to have a Growth Mindset so that I can progress in my art.

My computer is dying. She was bought 7.5 years ago on the eve of my Paris adventure. She has been a good and faithful friend. My Sorbonne essays are still on my desktop.  As with all devices, obsolescence is built-in. The good thing about the Mac world is that transition is easy.



  1. Chemainus has a great theatre and a lovely outdoor performance park. The weather looked sunny for your trip and a getaway during your time of renovations must have been a relaxing respite.
    Good luck with your transition to a new Mac...mine is slowly dying as well.
    I'll be in the market for a new IPhone by fall and the ned ones are quite different to get used to...facial recognition etc so a new learning curve.
    Please share some of your sketches...I think we are usually quite critical of our own works. Materfamilias has developed a wonderful style over these past few years and I am very impressed by her art.

    1. Mater has become very accomplished with her sketches. I've done a few but I'm taking a couple of classes this summer. I just received the Van Dusen course schedule for fall/winter and I might invest more time in sketching. The new iPhones are certainly different. This Mac has been with me a long time and I really like that everything will just transfer to the successor.


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