August Discontent

Puppets at Museum of Anthropology. Summer outings in Vancouver can be interesting.

I'm not a fan of August. I get impatient with summer. September is a month of new beginnings. Back in the day when I was a single parent, a starting teacher on a 10 month pay system, August was a "hurry up and be over month." Teachers did not get paid until the end of September. My sister-in-law used to have a "pay cheque party" to celebrate the event.

Sun Yat-sen Garden is a quiet spot in the city.

I enjoy warm weather but I am rethinking the parking lot gardens. The front of the building is now being stripped of stucco, siding and railings. Trucks and workers are everywhere! The gardens require about 15 watering cans a day. I'm keeping the perennials alive but this is a very difficult year for annuals. I'm tempted to rip all of the annuals out and wait until September to put in bulbs and winter pansies. By spring, hopefully, the construction will be over and colour will pop out of the ground. By October, there will be rain again.

I just received an e-mail about volunteering for the Vancouver Writers' Festival in October. As a returning volunteer, I have priority in signing up. It's taken me 8 years of retirement to understand that there are many different kinds of volunteers. I usually am an escort for visiting writers. I am available to walk with them to their venue. Obviously, they have all been on book promotion trips before and are able to find their way. Usually, there is another author or a publisher's representative with them. I am merely a "face of the festival".  For walking along with these people, I'm able to attend any performance (that is not sold out) for free. Then I am a "seat-filler." It's definitely a "win-win".

I'm hoping to substitute teach in the fall. I was happy being available two days a week last year last year. I'm able to make my plans around those days. I'm probably going to enrol in some more classes at the Centre for Active Living and I am contemplating buying a monthly yoga pass.

I have been anticipating the opening of my library in Oaxaca. It was scheduled for June but I just heard from the representative of Canadian Friends of Oaxaca, that it has been postponed until December. Monsieur and I are planning some "down south" time so I might visit Oaxaca for the inauguration.

The construction continues! Rot has been detected around the bedroom window which has been replaced. The bedroom furniture is out of place and the blinds are off while we wait for drywall repair.

I really need to have plans for adventures. I'm not a stay at home person. After years of child-rearing and working, I am eager to explore the world. I've been exploring Vancouver with a friend and a discount pass.This week, we visited the Sun Yat-sen Chinese Garden.

Do you have a favourite month? Travel bug or stay at home?

I have been visiting a lot of gardens.


  1. Oh I so empathize with your feelings of frustration with the renovations that are underway at your condo. Our living and dning rooms are unrecognizable...the living room is stacked with furniture from the dining and bedroom...there is cardboard covering the wood floors...some of our bedroom furniture is in the family room off the kitchen where we watch TV.
    Dust is eveywhere...the painters primed the drywall today, the carpenter is due back tomorrow and the friend who is traveling with me to Italy and France is coming over tomorrow morning so we can make more plans!! We may need to sit on the front porch !

    I am not a stay at home all the time I feel this more profoundly than a dedicated home body!

    Great to hear that you are able to escape and enjoy the parks and museums.
    I love May as our garden roses and beds look their best...

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  2. We can only keep the finished product in mind! When do you leave for Europe? Planning with a friend is great fun! My husband doesn't really enjoy travel that much so it's wonderful to have friends to make lists with and to talk wardrobe. Hopefully the weather is sunny for your porch planning. Bon week-end and I'll be waiting to see what you pack.

    1. We leave the first week of October! I am really trying hard not to pack things that won't get worn...I also need to be mindful of the weight restrictions on the smaller inter connecting flights from Rome and Marseille. Its raining here to day so we will be planning in the kitchen with the saws going and the carpenters hammering. We'll just have to make the best of it.


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