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greys, plum and rose for fall

The last week of summer vacation is here! For the last eight years, I have travelled in September: Paris, New York, New England, Ireland, the Panama Canal (once from either side) but this year, early fall travel is not in the picture. I'm uncertain about the labour situation in our province as the teachers are negotiating a contract at this time. The renovations have become contentious. Promises are made and broken, materials are switched and the general mood in our complex is toxic. I've never lived through a 10 year multi-million dollar strata renovation project. This one is being managed by amateurs and the results are horrific! When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping! I'm staying i with a grey, pink and plum wardrobe for fall. I already own grey and burgundy pieces so the look is cohesive.

This outfit can go to school or for a walk.

I've been a follower of the The Vivienne Files for 6 years. My colours have changed considerably in that time. My hair is grey and my face is older. I dress up less. When I get a morning call, it's great to have a wardrobe of items that can be pulled together easily.

I was younger but this is too much brown!

This month, my friend and I have been enjoying day trips to different areas of Vancouver. Yesterday,
we visited the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. My grandmother and my mother both lived in this area long ago. I enjoy the urban photos of  Materfamilias so I suggested that we go to see the murals that decorate the walls of many buildings.

 This was my favourite: a different sort of Déjeuner sur l'Herbe

I admire these urban artists and I like to linger over their works.

A touch of Mexico?

We were very thirsty after our walk so we stopped for lunch. I'm not usually a beer drinker but that cool glass of pale lager tasted good with wild mushroom pizza.


Today, I will be picking up the new book for United Readers, my morning group. We're going to be reading Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford. I enjoyed The Hotel of Bitter and Sweet so I'm expecting a good read. One of our members suggested choosing a Canadian classic for our October read. I'm thinking Robertson Davies who I really did not understand when I read his works in my 20's. I'm wondering what those years of experience (40+) might bring to my understanding.
Besides I have his books in one of my boxes. A project that never is accomplished. Maybe this winter...

What author do you think of when you think of a Canadian classic? Is there a book/author that you had difficulty understanding? Do you reread books?


  1. I'm with you on not understanding Robertson Davies. Perhaps the years would give a different perspective to his writing. I enjoy Carol Shield's writing, and some of Margaret Atwood. Louise Penny is perhaps less literary, but very enjoyable to read. I'm looking forward to her new book.
    Your plum and grey pieces are lovely and suit your colouring so well. I'm on the lookout for a few new pieces, too. We started back with in-service this week.

    1. I studied French and English literature with a bit of Spanish (Unamuno) and Robertson Davies stands out as having confounded me. Perhaps it was the time..An older member of our book club suggested Davies. I'm tempted to reread. Are you teaching part-time this year? Spanish and Foods?

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  2. Hoping for the best with the negotiations for the teachers. This is a difficult time to be a teacher. My Prince Charming is losing his job and I am thinking I need to start subbing but I really dread the idea of going into a classroom where no lesson plans have been left and the kids are going crazy.

    Your pink and gray outfit is divine. Love the pants. Just ordered a pink vest from Old Navy. Anxious for temps to drop so I can wear it.

    Love the south of the border inspired mural. So happy! Like a walk in the park.

    1. Subbing is difficult because you're always dealing with new situations.

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