Sunny September Outing

We started with a visit to Giacometti.

My friend and I have been using the benefits of our Botanical Garden membership to explore Vancouver this summer. My friend does not enjoy travel and I've been grounded for a bit so we've been visiting local attractions.

We started out at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Our current art gallery used to be the courthouse. The building was designed by Francis Rattenbury who designed our Parliament Buildings and the Empress Hotel in Victoria. In 5 years, the gallery will be relocated in a new and larger building. We went to see the Giacometti exhibition.

Giacometti's figures seem to be stretched and contorted. Their staring  eyes expressed the alienation of post-war Europe. Surrealism and Theatre of the Absurd were a challenge to my understanding as a young student but as an older adult, I can appreciate the artist's efforts to express the emptiness of life.
We weren't empty for long because we had gnocchi for lunch.

We walked along Robson Street for a few blocks. When I was a girl, Robsonstrasse was a street of bakeries and delicatessens with a few foreign language bookstores and the Vancouver Public Library.
As a girl of mostly British ethnicity who lived in a mostly boring suburb, I loved to wander this street. I wanted to live in the Manhattan Building and eat exotic foods. There was once a French bookshop in the Manhattan building. How the young me yearned for the cosmopolitan life!

This hotel used to be the tallest hotel in Vancouver.

There is a lot of construction in along Robson Street. I passed where the Sheraton Landmark Hotel used to stand. My first husband took me to the revolving restaurant for our first date. I was very impressed.  My first fancy date. That was 46 years ago! How time flies!

Bright flowers bloom along the waterfront walkway.

We turned towards the waterfront where three cruise ships were waiting to begin the trip to Alaska.
I remembered my second mother-in-law who took me on my very first cruise. She enjoyed every aspect of cruise ship life. Food, activities, people, scenery...When she was older, she didn't even get off the ship. I've sailed many days to many places but there is only one first-time cruise like the first-time fancy date.

September dressing is tricky. I left home under slightly cloudy skies yesterday. I decided to wear my back and white poncho. I bought this for my Ireland and Britain trip in September 2016. Ponchos provide some coverage and protection without being too warm. They fit over thin t-shirts or bulky sweaters.

I wore this poncho in springtime in Prague.
It's very pleasant weather this morning. I've no plans except housework and laundry. I'm reading a book called Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford.  It is set in 1909 and 1962 Seattle. What a different world it was! I will finish the book today because I am finding it engrossing. I also will walk to the community centre and buy some gym tickets. September is a month for new starts and old memories.

A staycation can be fun. What sort of activities do you chose? Do you enjoy looking back or looking forward? Do you think age changes our impressions and our understandings?


  1. It's certainly been beautiful weather for spending time out and about. The Giacometti exhibit looks interesting. I like your springtime in Prague photo with the poncho. When we were there it was much too warm for anything other than a cool linen or cotton dress or top. Age definitely changes the way we view life. We have more history to add to our understanding. Looking back is fun, but so is looking forward.

    1. You must have met your students and hopefully are looking forward to teaching them a new language. I've had a French teacher-librarian ask if I would work for her for a couple of months but I'm not sure if it can be arranged. I'd really like to explore more art and revisit some books that I have studied in younger days.

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  2. A blogger buddy of mine, Lauren at Shooting Stars Mag, does a Local Tourist series every month. This post would be perfect with her theme. You might want to link up with her.

    We traveled some this summer but none of it was very vacation-y. Visiting family. And because we were 3 places in a week, we didn't have time to do much in either of the 3 places. Haven't really had a staycation either. Boo!

    I took art history because I had to in college and remember very little of it but do remember the sculpture of Giacometti. Kind of haunting.

    1. I haven't seen Shooting Stars but I'll visit. I always like to see a new blog. I'm trying to see new things around here. I didn't know much about Giacometti either. His work is very surrealist.

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